About Us

Our company Albigreta provides customs intermediation, warehousing and forwarding services. We would like to invite you to get to know us better!

We are sincerely pleased with the opportunity to tell you about our activities, goals and the direction of our business as well as to share our experience. Albigreta, UAB started its activities in 2002 so we have been working and trying to do our best for more than a decade now. While the market and economic conditions were changing rapidly and more and more companies that offer similar services emerged, we carried out our activities consistently and maintained our clients, who value our high quality service. Of course, we always searched for new ways that would open the possibility to learn, attract investments and help to successfully broaden our professional experience. So, today we not only want but also can share the formula of this successful experience with you. “What is it?” you might ask. We have a simple answer to this question: we never call the success in work a final and we always look for the reasons of our failures. In other words, we keep learning and are not afraid of taking a risk and work hard to achieve satisfactory and noticeable results.

Of course, we could not achieve all of this without a promising and professional team. Our team, first of all, believes in the success of their work. Therefore, everything we do is sincere efforts to do well, ensure high quality, assume responsibility and wait for a feedback from everyone who has used our services. The team of the company Albigreta is united not by its work in the field of customs intermediation and forwarding and not by the knowledge acquired but by much more – our desire and efforts to generate value and quality.

Hence, what can we offer? Albigreta, UAB will take responsible care of the safety of your freight, provide high quality customs intermediation and forwarding services and offer a fair price to quality ratio. We like to share our success story and experience, so we invite you to make a closer acquaintance, if you choose to cooperate and use our services. You too tell about yourself, contact us and we will offer you quality, experience and cooperation that open up possibilities.

If you have any questions or you find us interesting and useful, please, contact us and we will find a solution together!