Our Services

What are services? There are many definitions and explanations of this concept. However, we chose the one long ago – it is work and duty to help someone and efforts to be recognised.

It is true that today many of us have a great possibility to develop a business and carry out activities irrespectively of the countries’ borderlines, different languages and other significant criteria. Thus, we are completely free to choose and look for possibilities for improvement.   

We will help you to ensure the efficiency of your activities and help your business, if only you need our services. We will also provide consultations, if you have any questions about the prices of our services or you are interested in personalized orders or the procedure of providing outsourced services.

You will find Albigreta, UAB useful, if you need the customs services or want to quickly and properly fill in documents to be submitted to the customs (general administrative documents, CMR, TIR carnet, etc.). Of course, at your request, Albigreta, UAB will take care of loading, storage and transportation of important freights or consignments. As we understand that time is valued by any business, we try to carry out the work quickly and efficiently, we plan our work in advance and we are good at identifying priorities. Above all, we offer services that allow the client to forget about long lasting processes of drawing up and filing documents and not to waste any time on looking for necessary and important information – in our company all these processes are carried out smoothly and easily.

We are helpful because we are always waiting for you. We are professionals because we know what our client needs. Our services are more than diligent fulfilment of orders because we understand how important each of you is.